Clean Drains for Schools!

Back to School | West Sussex Drains

The summer holidays have come to an end and people are slowly getting back into their daily routines. While the kids are away, this is the best time for West Sussex Drains to go into schools to clean and maintain all the drains and gullies making sure there are no problems with the drainage system.

As the teachers take down displays and get ready for new the intake of children, we are able to jet all the drains, surface water gullies and CCTV all the runs to make sure everything is in working order to help prevent any issues accruing in the new school year.

No more clogged drains for schools

While at one of the schools we visit every summer, we found a range of items that definitely don’t belong in drains, from pencils and paper clips down a drain to tennis balls in the gutters. We cleared and removed all the items helping the school stay blockage free.

One school we regularly visit had a broken pipe under one of the class rooms, after discovering the problem with a CCTV survey we were able to reline the pipe and not cause any disruption to the classroom.

We always leave the schools feeling proud that our maintenance helps to keep the school running well and reduce the risk of blockages happening.

So, after a busy summer we look forward to the new challenges that autumn can bring. As the leaves begin to fall gullies can block, so remember to sweep up your leaves to keep your gullies clear!

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