Domestic Services

What We Do

At West Sussex Drains, we understand just how stressful it can be to have to deal with a broken toilet, blocked drain or burst pipe within your family home. We appreciate that you need a fast and effective service to put things right.

With our domestic servicing and repairs, we offer the solution to your problems.

We are reliable, efficient and certainly don’t cost the earth.

How we do it

We are available all day, every day, at a time that is convenient to you and we don’t even charge a call-out fee. You’ll know exactly what you are paying for with us and our friendly and helpful drainage experts ensure a quality service as standard.

Trust West Sussex Drains to repair and fix your:

  • Blocked drains
  • Burst pipes
  • Slow draining sinks
  • Broken pipes
  • Overflowing and blocked toilets

Our clever CCTV technologies and powerful high pressured water jetting systems can investigate and repair any further causes and concerns where needed too.

Identifying the problem

When your drains are blocked, you’ll soon know. Waste water builds up and outside gullies overflow. Your drains are pipes carrying foul waste and surface water from one or more houses. When one drain meets another it becomes a sewer. Overflowing sewage can pose a real health risk to your home and delaying the repair of a burst pipe or blocked drain will only lead to further problems or expense.

  • Maybe you have started to notice a foul smell coming from your drains?
  • Hear a terrible gurgling sound from your plug hole?
  • Or notice water that won’t drain away properly in your sink or bath?

If you have then these are tell tale signs that a problem is afoot. And remember, private drains and sewers are the responsibility of the owner-occupier.

Putting it right

Our drainage experts are friendly and knowledgeable. As well as providing you with that all important detail of when they expect to be with you, they will communicate clearly what they find and how they feel it should be fixed. No hidden surprises and certainly no hidden costs.

At West Sussex Drains we are here to help you. We’ll clear your blocked drains and maintain your drainage systems. Our emergency plumbing service, just like our drainage and sewer services, is available day and night.

Domestic price list

Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00:
£80 for the first hour and £18 per 15 minutes thereafter

Monday to Friday 18:00 – 23:00:
£120 for the first hour and £30 per 15 minutes thereafter

Monday to Friday 23:00 – 08:00:
£190 for the first hour and £50 per 15 minutes thereafter

Additional charges

Saturday: £50
Sunday: £60
Bank holidays: £120

Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day: £190
New Year’s Eve (after 18:00): £150

Extra £35 for “look see” use for CCTV camera

Full CCTV survey: Contact us for quote

All prices are excluding VAT

CCTV survey of drain

CCTV surveying

The only way to really know the condition of your drains is to have a CCTV survey done. This gives you the peace of mind you need. Our CCTV units record the drain condition and appearance giving you answers to your questions. Read more >

Drain unblocking

Blocked drains

There are many reasons why your drains could get blocked and we will know how to deal with them and rectify the issue. Drain cleaning, jetting and maintenance will help in keeping your drains flowing properly. Read more >

Drain re-lining

Pipe re-lining services

Our re-lining service is a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe, without the need for excavation, and therefore with minimal disruption and inconvenience. Read more >

Septic tank | West Sussex Drains

Tanker and waste disposal

Septic tanks and cesspits collect sewage waste from properties not connected to mains sewer drains. Keeping your septic tanks and cesspits working efficiently are a priority to home owners and businesses alike. Read more >

Emergency? Call 01243 671 359 for a 24 hour engineer