Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains in West Sussex and Hampshire

Have you discovered a slow-draining sink or bath, a foul smell or a toilet that’s difficult to flush? Your drains might be blocked. Our drainage experts will be with you quickly to sort out drain blockages with the latest jetting equipment.

How Do Household Drains Work?

The toilets, sinks, bath, shower and kitchen appliances in your home all run to the same wastewater pipe outside your home and then into the main wastewater line. There are many reasons why your drains could get blocked and we know how to deal with them efficiently.

How to Tell if The Blockage is Just in Your Home

If your suspected blockage is upstairs, check your downstairs systems are working fine. This confirms the blockage is internal. Another way to check is by lifting the drain cover outside your home. If this is clear the blockage is internal.

Check in with your neighbours to see if their drains are blocked too. If they are, this could mean there is a bigger problem at hand.

If your building shares a drain with another household or multiple flats you’ll need to check in with those residents too.

If there is local flooding in your area check in with your local council as something could be causing issues along the street.

Who is Responsible for Domestic Drains?

All pipes inside a household and pipes connecting to the sewer are the homeowner’s responsibility. So, if you don’t share a drain, are the only house along a road having issues and there are no local issues, it must be your home. Don’t panic, we are on call 24/7.

Drain Maintenance

Drain cleaning and maintenance will help keep your drains flowing properly. Sometimes the drains get a build-up and need jetting to optimise the water flow.

If your drain pipes are close to bushes, trees or substantial plants this can cause blockages due to roots breaking through the pipes. This will need the roots to be cut away and removed. We use cutting machines and water to remove the roots and then use a camera in the pipes to see what damage has been done.

In the autumn and winter months, the build-up of leaves and branches can cause damage to pipes. To be proactive, regularly clear away any debris.

If the damage is so much that the pipe needs replacing we offer a service to do this and will remove and refit a new section of the drain pipe, or we can insert a liner into the pipe and cure it to set hard, leaving the pipe as new.

How to Tell if an Outside Drain is Blocked

Bad smells are the main sign of a blocked drain, always investigate as soon as you smell something bad.

Are Blocked Drains the Landlord’s Responsibility?

Yes, landlords must sort out household problems such as blocked drains, burst pipes, and more.

Does Bamboo Paper Block Drains?

No, bamboo paper is fine to flush. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials we have so it’s great to use this as toilet paper. Read our blog to know what to flush and what not to flush.

Our Drain Unblocking Callout Areas

Blocked Drains in West Sussex

From our base in lovely West Sussex, we make our way out to blockage issues across the county. Even if your blocked drains are in Midhurst or Petworth, we’ll be there to help.

Blocked Drains in Hampshire

We regularly make trips over to our neighbouring county to assist in any blockage problems. For blocked drains in Emsworth to Southampton, we have Hampshire covered.

For drain unblocking, call us or request a callback today!

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Commercial Services

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