Avoid Costly Excavations with Pipe Relining

Drainage pipes close-up

Last week we had a call from a very worried customer. This customer was selling her house and the new buyers had instructed a company to carry out a CCTV of her drains, along with other pre-purchase surveys.

The CCTV report came back showing several cracks in the drain pipe and sections of root ingress.  The new buyers were obviously concerned, as was the home owner.

Only last year, the home owner had paid a considerable sum of money to have the front garden landscaped and the driveway laid with resin stone. The owner didn’t want the very disruptive option of digging up all of her front drive to install new drain pipes! After we had talked about the different options to repair the drains, we offered the solution of relining her drains.

The Benefits of Pipe Relining

  • Pipe relining can fix a multitude of issues from leaks and open joints, through to cracks, root intrusions and other associated pipe failures
  • Pipe relining is suitable for domestic, municipal, commercial and industrial applications
  • You can avoid costly excavations
  • A quick turnaround with relining, the pipes will be ready to use within hours of installation
  • This isn’t a quick fix, but a permanent structural repair
  • We can install up to 100 metres in one length
  • Flow improvement is guaranteed
  • The relining process is approved by local authorities, loss adjusters, surveyors and architects alike
  • The products we use conform to European standards BSEN13566-F:2002
  • At West Sussex Drains we only use quality products, so our customers always get excellent value for money

A Happy Outcome

The homeowner was pleased with this option, and we carried out the relining a few days later. The new buyers were pleased with CCTV survey we carried out after the work showing the repairs, and the house sale is moving forward.

Relining is a Less Intrusive Option

We can offer this service as a less intrusive way of repairing damaged drain pipes. It also allows drains pipes to be repaired where a “dig up” is not an option, for example under buildings or driveways.

Whether you are a domestic customer or commercial, we offer the right choice when it comes to providing an immediate solution to your drainage problems. To discuss how we can help you, call us on 01243 671359 or contact us here via the website.

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