Groundworks Services West Sussex

GRP digger on mound of soil behind fencing with West Sussex Drains signage to fence

West Sussex Drains recently acquired our very own digger. Which means we can now carry out groundworks in West Sussex.

What Are Groundworks?

Groundworks involve preparing any ground for above-ground construction work. This is an essential first step for any construction project and requires specialist equipment.

There’s no need to worry about borrowing a digger, we can get to your site and help clear your site. From initial excavations ahead of foundations being laid, groundworks make sure your site is ready.

Site Clearance

Before construction work takes place, a site needs to be cleared. This includes using a digger to remove topsoil. Our team will collect dirt and debris and dispose of it safely. We’re very conscious of not leaving a mess, providing a full site clearance service, ready for construction work.

Land Leveling

Sometimes land needs to be leveled, especially if it’s on a slope. Our groundworks services can sort this for you. By smoothing out land we can prepare it for the construction work planned for that site. This includes digging up dirt, turning it over and spreading it evenly.


Trenching involves digging narrow trenches for the installation, maintenance, or inspection of pipelines. As this is aligned with our key services, we have the correct methods to dig the perfect trench for laying pipe. With plentiful experience working on piping from repairing and relining to inspection, we understand the dimensions required for pipe trenches.

Sewerage and Drainage

Sewerage involves trenching and laying pipes to connect water and sewage works to a site. Whereas drainage involves making sure water can be drained from a site during a flood. Both of these are essential factors of site work for any area where construction work is going to take place.

Why Us?

Our groundworks make sure your site is prepped ahead of construction work. The team is fully certified to use diggers, so safety is ensured. You get a friendly local team who love to do their part and help out others with groundwork.

Where Do We Carry Out Groundwork?

Across West Sussex, from Chichester to Selsey, Bognor Regis, the Witterings, Arundel, Littlehampton, Worthing, Petworth, and Midhurst.

You can call us on 01243 671359 or email to enquire about our groundwork services.

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