What’s the difference between plumbing and drainage?

By 11th November 2021Blockage, Drains
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Do you know the difference between plumbing and drainage? In this blog, we break down the differences between the two, giving you information on spotting potential issues and how we can help you solve them!

Plumbing vs Drainage

Plumbing issues concern the clean water flowing into a property which is used for water systems within a household or a business. Plumbing is what flows in and around a property.

Drainage is the dirty water and wastage that needs to be removed from a household or property. Drainage is everything that flows down and out of the property to sewers or septic tanks.

How to tell whether you have a plumbing or drainage problem

Plumbing issues would be highlighted by common signs such as your toilet not flushing, low water pressure or leaky pipes. Alternatively, a drainage issue would cause problems such as blocked drainage, unpleasant drainage smells, burst pipes to flooding.

To avoid these plumbing issues, it is important to keep your pipes maintained and in good condition. We recommend that you call an emergency plumber if an issue arises so our experts can identify and fix the problem before any serious damage is caused to your home.

Another top tip would be to have a drain CCTV survey carried out if you are moving into a new property or have concerns about your drainage as this shows the condition of your pipes. Staying on top of pipe maintenance will generate long-term benefits and could save you money.

What is specialist drainage work?

Specialist drainage work occurs outside and around a property to find any faults. At West Sussex Drains, we offer a range of drainage solutions such as commercial drain surveys, descaling and fat removal, and sewer services.

We understand how stressful a plumbing or drainage problem can be, so that’s why we focus on a fast, effective service that will put your mind at rest. Whether you’re concerned about a private or commercial property we are here to help. Contact us today!

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