An unusual toilet blockage!

By 16th September 2017Blockage, Drains
BMW car badge | West Sussex Drains

We find many toilet blockages are caused by the normal things such as wipes, excess toilet paper and sanitary wear.

However, we were recently called out by a homeowner to investigate a toilet blockage with a difference…

The owner couldn’t clear the blockage herself and thought she had better call us in. After our initial investigation to find the cause, we had to remove the toilet to clear the u bend.

We were very surprised to find a BMW stuck in the bend (yes, a BMW!). This isn’t something we have had to remove before!

We removed the BMW and reinstalled the toilet and all was working fine. When we explained to the customer what had caused the blockage, she was relieved to find out where her three-year-old son’s toy car had gone.

To this day, we have not removed any other cars, but you never know in this line of work what you might find stuck in the drains!

Remember we’re on hand to help – should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a blocked toilet contact us to book a callout or for emergencies.

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