Blocked Drains: Your questions answered!

By 16th September 2021Blockage, Drains
Blocked Drains | West Sussex Drains

At West Sussex Drains, we deal with a range of drainage issues. Drain cleaning, descaling and fat removal to sewer services we are the team to call in a drainage emergency. Below are frequently asked questions about blocked drains and our answers to help you deal with them!

How do you prevent blocked drains?

There are many actions you can take to keep your drains in tip top condition. Being conscious about what you are pouring down the drain or flushing down the toilet is essential to keeping your drains unclogged. Find out more information on unflushable products.

Why does my drain smell?

Drains become blocked when food debris builds up, so it is no surprise that they omit bad smells as food rots away in the pipes. Aside from being unpleasant, smelly drains can be an early sign that there could be an issue. You can use home remedies or drainage products that can help solve minor blockages, however, if problem persists and drains are left untreated, they can cause major damage. If you have concerns, we recommend you contact one of our team to give you peace of mind that your drains are in running order.

How do I know my drain is blocked?

Slow draining, raised water level in your toilet to strange gurgling sounds, these can all be signs your drains are blocked. Drainage blockages build up over time, so being aware of the condition of your drains can save you stress in the long run. For more information check out our ‘Signs to look for before you need an Emergency’ blog post.

Whether you have a drainage enquiry or need an emergency plumber our team are here to help! Get in touch with us today and one of our experts can help solve your drainage issues.

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