Top 5 Reasons Why Your Drains Block

By 2nd November 2017Blockage, Drains
Drain blocked by leaves

Our drainage system is pretty robust and on the whole, works fine, but there are problems that accrue (which keeps us in a job!).

What Are the Main Causes of Blockages?

1. Blocked Sink

Blocked sinks are due to a build-up of fats and grease going down the plug hole. No matter how hard we try, there is always some residue from the pots, pans and plates. Always run a sink full of hot water after cleaning really dirty plates, this helps to dissolve any leftover fats.

2. Blocked Toilet

We see blocked toilets on a daily basis. Most of the time it is due to excess toilet paper and people flushing things that should, instead, go in the bin, such as sanitary wear, baby wipes and face wipes. A real nightmare to unblock is a toilet with a toilet air freshener stuck in it. They clip to the side of the toilet bowl and keep the bathroom smelling fresh, but when they pop off or get knocked off, they get stuck in the u-bend and cause all sorts of problems.

3. Blocked and Slow Draining Gully

Gullies get blocked with kitchen debris and groundwater that has leaves and dirt in them. We unblock and clear gullies with HP water jetting and, once we have been, customers see a visible difference in the condition and speed that the gully works.

4. Bubbling Shower Tray

Showers get blocked and water builds in the tray, due to hair and soap scum build up. We use our showers on such a regular basis that there is bound to be a build up, but keeping hair out of the plug hole will reduce the need to call a drainage engineer or a plumber. It is worth investing in a small hair trap that collects hair and can then be emptied into the waste bin.

5. Blocked Guttering and Down Pipes

At this time of year, we have lots of calls requesting us to unblock guttering and downpipes. These become blocked with leaves and tree debris. As it is autumn, the falling leaves get wet and stuck in the guttering, and wedge in the downpipes. Homeowners can reduce the risk of this happening by putting guttering grill caps on the tops of the exposed gutter.

If you experience problems with blocked drains, give us a call on 01243 671 359 and we’ll be happy to help.

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